Dedicated to an unlikely form of knowledge production–one where hospitality and discourse are inseparable–Pickle Bar is a non-profit art space located in Berlin’s Moabit district where we address items of urgency in oral and cultural histories, material culture, language and gender studies across Eurasia (Eastern Europe, the Caucasus and Central Asia). Founded in 2020 by artist collective Slavs and Tatars with curators Anastasia Marukhina and Patricia Couvet, Pickle Bar focuses on performative as well as discursive formats and has initiated research projects in partnership with leading institutions and universities.

Following the sensation-zone of a pickle in the mouth Pickle Bar brings together artists, thinkers, writers, investigating and animating an area between the roof of the mouth and the tongue which cuts across spoken word, poetry, and politics, as well as the actions of tasting, swallowing, and vocalizing. Through thematic programs in the project space, a residency-mentorship program, pop-up exhibitions and collaborations with different institutions outside of Berlin, Pickle Bar invites us to explore the limits of ideologies and the edges of belief systems with a particular focus on language, both as affect and discourse.  

If you’re interested in all things salty, Eurasian or Cucurbit-adjacent, Pickle Bar is for you!