Ana Gzirishvili, “Personal Name of an Object”, performance

30 September 2023, 19:30


A fictional story written from the perspective of object-oriented thought - a garment, or accessory found in a market in the Caucasus region - the performance by Ana Gzirishvili reflects on marketplaces and other small scale spaces which acts in-between languages, words and objects. Touching upon the topic of periphery, Gzirishvili creates a poetic language inspired by the act of collecting second hand garments and clothing not for consumption but rather to stand a critical position toward a global hierarchical context. The performance will combine the act of speaking with that of reading. A small zine produced for the performance will include English poetry, Georgian wording and drawings distributed before the performance starts.
Free admission
Language: English / Georgian
Duration: 30 minutes

Doors open at 19:00. Performance starts at 19:30.

Ana Gzirishvili (Born 1992,  Tbilisi, Georgia) is a multimedia artist based in Tbilisi. Ana works in mediums ranging from film and lens-based media to CGI, from drawing to poetry, reading performances, and sculptures.