Anhar Salem, “Healing the Tiredness of Moving”, workshop

26 August 2022, 18:30


Anhar Salem invites the audience for a workshop exploring the relation between traveling of daily commodities and human migrations taking the graphic design as an entry point. Inspired by her family stories of the Hadramis-Indonesians community in Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Salem looks at the packages, wrappings, boxes with slogans part of the daily life products that can be considered as cultural productions. In Jeddah, private, or unregulated businesses are taking over their branding as a way to connect rituals, local references and identity to notify the buyer of the geographical transaction. With a specific focus on natural healing products packaging of “Jamu” (a traditional healing technique from Indonesia), the workshop questions one identity inside of the exhaustive mass production and global norm.

Following a short introduction by Salem, you are invited to re-design your own favorite product (especially food products).

The workshop is part of Salem’s residency at Slavs and Tatars supported by Art Jameel and Goethe-Institut Saudi Arabia. ⁠It takes place within the Festival Ortstermin 2022.
Free admission
Language: English

Doors open at 18:00. Workshop starts at 18:30.

Anhar Salem (b. 1993, Jeddah, Saudi Arabia) has a multi-ethnic background (Yemeni and Indonesian). She studied IT at Arab Open University and Le Fresnoy Studio in France. As an autodidact video artist, her work attempts to explore, document, and open new public and private spaces associated with themes such as everyday life, body, and social media.