Damir Imamović, “Sevdah Lab”, EVROVIZION. Crossing Sarajevo, performance

5 August 2021, 17:00


Damir Imamović’s sevdah is based on a passionate research of traditional music of Bosnia and Herzegovina. While meeting sevdah masters, musicians, singers, and authors of this art form, he constantly expands his repertory and creates a special style of contemporary sevdah.
Co-curated with Hana Ćurak former resident at Slavs and Tatars’ studio supported by ifa. The event was realised at the Pickle Bar installation part of the exhibition EVROVIZION.CROSSING SARAJEVO
at Historijski Muzej Bosne i Herzegvine.

Damir Imamović is a singer, musician, author, and sevdah master from Sarajevo, Bosnia-Herzegovina. He comes from a family of sevdah musicians and represents a new generation of the traditional music of Bosnia-Herzegovina. Since 2005 Damir performs with his Trio, his “Sevdah Takht” quartet (since 2013), as well occasional projects with Jelena Popržan, Bojan Z, Eric Vloeimans, Greg Cohen and Derya Türkan, and others.