Daniel Kotowski, “delighting”, performance

13 June 2024, 19:30


In his new performance “delighting”, premiering at Pickle Bar,  Daniel Kotowski deconstructs the seeming innocence of aesthetic delight so as to uncover the violence dripping from legitimized culture, as it softly romanticises and delegitimizes “other” - bodies, languages, worldings. Delight and violence are not a coincidental pairing, they deeply embedded into the “western” culture through a colonial gaze that simultaneously disavows the vulnerability of the one watching. Kotowski acknowledges performance as a  space of shared dis/comfort and vulnerability and refutes the margins constructed by the very stage - or rather - appropriates them, twists them, shifts them, (de)lighting what’s peripheral to them, exposing the seeming centers as facades.

Text excerpt: Weronika Zalewska
Performance: Daniel Kotowski
Sign Language Interpreter: Weronika Szymańska-Gątarek
Costume: Paweł Włodarski
Choreographic consultant: Alicja Czyczel
Co-production: Festival Theaterformen

This event is part of The Project Space Festival Berlin 2024
Free admission
Language: Sign Language, live interpretation
Duration: 20 mins

Doors open at 19:00. Performance starts at 19:30.

Daniel Kotowski is a Warsaw-based artist working on issues of inclusion in language. Born deaf and not using spoken language, through his work he explores the power dynamics in biological, social and linguistic communication in the context of biopolitics. Kotowski addresses the themes of normalization, conditioning, and the concept of free speech from the perspective of people whose senses function differently.