Fatma Cheffi, “Steal, Steel, Still Fatma”, performance and discussion

12 July 2024, 19:30


In Steal, Steel, Still Fatma, Fatma Cheffi moves around holding Zulfiqar, a bifurcated sword represented in Islam, and used as a symbol in several cultures. The sharp object becomes the metaphor of the slip of tongues to investigate language as a tool of oppression, but also a weapon for resistance. The lecture-performance addresses Cheffi’s investigation of her own name. Holding the sword helps her tell the stories of stereotypes and social constructions using references to Islam as well as rap music.
Free admission
Language: English
Duration: 15 minutes and discussion

Doors open at 19:00. Performance starts at 19:30

Fatma Cheffi is an independent curator, artist and cultural worker based in Paris. Nurtured by decolonial theories and experimental literature, Cheffi’s art practice is experimental and research-based. It often originates in her lived experience and personal writings on language, love and music. It manifests in installations, artefacts, performances and writing workshops.