HacerNoche, 2023


Slavs and Tatars is showing its Pickle Bar in the HacerNoche Festival. This work, a Slavic interpretation of an Italian aperitivo bar, is also an invitation to engage with pickled delicacies and a Slavic aperitif in an intimate and relaxed atmosphere and explore the boundaries and possibilities of languages.The integration of Pickle Bar into the HacerNoche project creates a space for dialogues with international and local artists from Slavs and Tatars’ region and Mexico with central american twist on fermentation and pickling.

HacerNoche second edition entitled “Promised Land” is curated by Elvira Dyangani Ose. It borrows its name from the homonymous 1987 house music anthem by Joe Smooth to explore moments in which the present has sought to re-imagine itself through social struggle, activism, solidarity and art. 
Participants: Sexto Collectivo, Selin Davasse, Arshia Fatima Haq, Carlos Lara, Alex Shams
Slavs and Tatars curatorial team: Patricia Couvet

Dates: September 9, September 14, October 21 & 22, November 18

Address: Son de Aquí, Garcia Virgile 601A, Centro Histórico, Oaxaca, Mexico.