Hana Ćurak and Bojan Stojčić, “Soaking Wet”, performance

13th June 2021, 16:00 and 17:30


“Soaking Wet” is a participatory performance by former resident Hana Ćurak, in collaboration with the artist Bojan Stojčić, both hailing from Sarajevo. “Soaking Wet” addresses fermentation as a means of healing social ills, in which participants are invited to engage in a traditional ritual of foot-soaking known in Bosnian as kiseljenje nogu (foot pickling). Dipping the feet in a simple mixture of water and bath salts, the working people of Bosnia take it slowly and add a bit of rahatluk* to each foot soak. Choose your salt, dip your feet, and scrub-a-dub-away while our masters of ceremony tell you all about the geopolitics of pickling.

The event was supported by ifa in the framework of Hana Ćurak's residency at Slavs and Tatars.
Free admission
Language: English

Doors open at 15:30. Performance starts at 16:00 and 17:30.

Hana Ćurak is a researcher, writer and producer. Her eclectic experience involves work in strategic communication, visual arts production, project management and advocacy in Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. She is the founder of it’s all Witches, an artistic and academic platform for subversion of patriarchal culture in the countries of former Yugoslavia.

Bojan Stojčić is an artist. Through his practice he explores lineages, poetics, traces and transitions of the present as well as its political modalities, embracing and examining its post-ideological performativities.