Jana Shostak, Ada Rączka and Natan Krysz, “Echoes”, performance

27 August 2022, 19:00


ORTSTERMIN FESTIVAL with Pickle bar organize a mutual event within the scope of the project “Echoes” in which three Warsaw-based artists have been invited to make sound and poetry performance.

Jana Shostak’s performance whispers present-day voices to us, telling stories from her experiences this past year as an activist on the Ukrainian-Polish border. Ada Rączka will do a reading of poetic texts that circulate around the emotions and states of the body that can appear in the moment of speaking or remaining silent. Their texts were originally written in Polish in which non-binary expression differs from the way it’s expressed in English. At the end of the evening in the Pickle Bar, Natan Kryszk will play a solo concert with a self-built instrument and saxophones.

The event is part of «Echoes»: a performance and film program part of OTSTERMIN FESTIVAL 2022 aiming at representing and getting to know the Moabit area and creating a local festival in it. “Echoes’’ is curated by Ellen Martine Heuser Ortstermin 2022.

27 August 2022

Jana Shostak, “Whispered Stories from the Polish-Ukrainian Border that Cannot Be Spoken Out Loud”, performance

Ada Rączka, “Heaps of Cake”, poetry reading

Natan Kryszk, “Must Remain Unspoken”, concert with saxophone and magic box

28 August 2022 

Jana Shostak will perform her protest #globalscream in front of the St. Johannis Church in Moabit. The “1-Minute Scream for Belarus” initially took place in 2020 and in 2021 in front of the European Commision office in Warsaw.

Jana Shostak is a Belarusian-Polish multimedia artist, activist and PhD student.

Ada Rączka studied in Städelschule (Frankfurt/Main), work with images, text and video. They are looking for a visual and textual representation of reproductive work. They are interested in Polish non-binary language.

Natan Kryszk is a Polish saxophonist, composer and sculptor based in Warsaw.