Jeppe Ugelvig, Marcin Rozyc, “Sites of Fashion Research and Dissemination”, panel discussion

21 July 2023, 19:15


Discussion invites us to look into the challenges of the fashion research and dissemination which lies beyond the fashion magazines, museum collections and historical fashion archives. Marcin Rozyc will showcase the examples of how fashion responds to and shapes political and social movements in Poland through countercultural, anti-nationalist rebellions, or identity politics. Together with Jeppe Ugelvig we will discuss how to maintain those histories and reveal the underlying social and political narratives and messages embedded within garments through fashion research methodologies.
Free admission
Language: English
Duration: 50 minutes

Doors open at 19:00. Panel Discussion starts at 19:15.

Jeppe Ugelvig is a curator, historian, and cultural critic based in California. He is a current Ph.D. candidate at UC Santa Cruz, where his research focuses on artistic responses to consumerism and product culture in the global 20th century. His first book “Fashion Work: 25 Years of Art in Fashion” was published by Damiani in 2020. He is the founding editor-in-chief of Viscose, a journal for fashion criticism and analysis.

Marcin Rozyc is a fashion writer, curator, and lecturer from Warsaw. He cooperates with Vogue Polska and works as a fashion specialist in the Central Museum of Textiles in Łódź. His research area has centered on the field of contemporary art and fashion and its affiliations with politics, ideologies, queer, gender, traumatic, and breakthrough events such as transformation after 1989, the holocaust, nazism, and chauvinism.