Mila Panić, “Jokes”, stand-up comedy

27 September 2024, 19:30


Jokes can be very powerful tools in reshaping the visitor’s perspectives on given topics, but also many often defend their speech against moral criticism by asserting that “it was meant as a joke”. At a time when cancel culture has made stand-up comedy a risky form of expression, Mila Panic deems it important to examine its role particularly within the contemporary art context. 

Humour is often used to critique, subvert, and change dominant cultural narratives. Yet the sound of active laughter is very rarely heard in the context of an art exhibition. Through visual art and stand-up comedy, Mila Panic uses humour to create liberating moments, laugh and engage with topics such as selective empathy, politics, war, displacement or everyday situations. In her practice, stand-up comedy and visual art come from the same place - from a spectrum of irritation, anger and madness, and what lies beneath all is fear. These elements became the basis for her to reshape visitors’ perspectives.
Free admission
Language: English 
Duration: 30 min and discussion

Doors open at 19:00. Performance starts at 19:30.

Mila Panić is a Bosnian-born artist and stand-up comedian, based in Berlin. Her practice ranges from personalised documentation to highly poetic visual and discursive elements, from drawings to found footage, photographs and standup comedy.