Mina Masoumi, “On Manners of Dance and Ecstasy”, on display



Displayed at Pickle Bar during the Sturm and Slang program, the artwork "On Manners of Dance and Ecstasy" by calligraphy and visual artist Mina Masoumi intricately weaves the words of the title in Farsi script. At its center, "در آداب" (on manners) serves as the introduction, guiding the eye through the intricate of the letters composing the words "رقص" (dance) and "طرب" (ecstasy), which spiral around it like a complex knot. This movement symbolizes the hands of a dancer entwined in the rhythm of music, shimmering together to intertwine the visual and auditory essence of the words.
On view during the Surm and Slang events.

Mina Masoumi lives and works in Tehran. She is a graduate of Persian Literature from Zanjan University, and holds two Mumtaz-level excellence degrees in Nastaliq and Shekasteh- Nastaliq from the Society of Iranian Calligraphists. Masoumi's visual and semantic references are intertwined with classic and contemporary Persian literature, Iranian and Islamic architecture and Miniature and Middle-eastern culture, as well as a deep connection with the inner workings of modern image processing devices. She establishes a unique relationship between sounds of the words, their forms, and the narratives of the image. She is represented by Delgosha Gallery.

The presentation is made possible the kind help of Shabahng Tayyari, Delgosha Gallery.