Nora Turato, performance


17 & 19 May 2022, 19:00


Nora Turato is working on a script for a spoken-word performance which arose from her research into the politics of the accent in Hollywood but expanded to encompass a vast web of interconnecting nodes spanning themes of power, economy, and entertainment. The performance grapples with the way Hollywood leans into these typologies through crude casting processes and character portrayals and spirals outward to link subjects in endless degrees of separation. A reference to Hollywood bleeds into a point about power relations and the role of L.A. casting agencies in the entertainment industry, to national identity, visibility and representation, platform capitalism, and the attention economy.
At the very core of Nora Turato’s practice is language. In her work she translates information absorbed from her daily intake of articles, conversations, subtitles and advertising slogans into linguistic-visual scripts for videos, installations, artist books, murals and spoken word performances. All that surrounds her finds its way back into her work. In this manner she is democratic; political statements merge with Kardashians quotes in equal measure, revealing subtle synchronisms in social relations, marketing strategies, consumer behaviour, and their own subjectivity.