Oscar Brenifier, “Thinking with Hodja Nasreddin”, workshop

8 July 2022, 18:30 (online)

Oscar Brenifier’s online workshop introduces questions on the hero of Sufi stories, Hodja Nasreddin, including: Why is he interesting for the development of thinking in children and adults? What does this hero teach? Why is there so much puzzling behavior in these stories and what is their benefit for the reader?

The French philosopher will share a way of working with the stories about Hodja Nasreddin, which will help participants when discussing with children. Stories about Hodja Nasreddin are a space where a child and even an adult forgets usual stereotypes of thinking and begins to imagine more creatively, developing the skill of questioning, and gaining a new sense of surprise at what at first glance seems obvious.
The workshop will take place online

Oscar Brenifier is a UNESCO expert, director of the Paris Institute of Practical Philosophy, is one of the world's most famous philosophy practitioners, and is a popularizer of philosophical counceling in business, education and other spheres of life. Oscar Brenifier’s books have been translated into many languages of the world and have been awarded several prestigious French prizes: Television Awards 2008, Prix Press 2008, the award “For the best scientific book for youth” (2009) and “For the best book for youth” (2008).