11-13 September 2020


The three-day opening program, in collaboration with the KW Institute for Contemporary Art, will revisit the Georgian rituals of the Tamada, inviting the artists Selin Davasse, Shalva Nikvashvili, and Ana Prvački to each hold court over the course of a day, on the 11th, 12th and 13th of September. The iconic character of the Tamada is well known for toast making, oratorical flourishes, and tolerance for alcohol. Typically, the Master or Mistress of Ceremony of a Georgian meal, the Tamada weaves memory, notions of nationhood, and hospitality into liquid libations. Pickle Bar invites each artist to reconsider these and more, through drink and discourse in an intimate setting suited for our fluid times. During the chamber drinking ritual, guests will be offered a selection of fermented drinks and bites, in addition to the sharp tongue of a Tamada guiding them through the afternoon and evening.

13 September, 18:00
Selin Davasse, “Tamada”, performance