Saltanat Shoshanova, “Queer Art Language and Feminist Movements in Central Asia”, lecture 

10 November 2022, 19:00


During her lecture at Pickle Bar Saltanat will talk about queer feminist movements in Central Asia with a focus on artistic practices that emerge in the region. She will share her research, findings and observations on how national symbols, signs and languages are being used in the discussions around gender and sexuality. Participants are invited to join her in thinking about queering the notion of tradition.
Free admission
Language: English

Doors open at 18:30. Lecture starts at 19:00.

Saltanat Shoshanova is a queer feminist activist and an independent reseacher from Kazakhstan, based in Berlin. She studied Art History in Saint Petersburg, Vienna and Berlin. Currently she leads a project called Unit aimed at journalists and activists who work with queer topics.