Sauer Power Klubnacht 

17–18 September 2022, 24hrs


Located in the courtyard of the Schlüterhof, Sauer Power Klub, by Slavs and Tatars, will act as a venue for programming throughout the opening festivities of the East Wing of the Humboldt Forum. Performances, cabaret, concerts and the like will take center stage for the public starting Saturday 17th of September and progressively building steam with a crescendo peaking late Saturday night during the 24hrs opening of the Schlüterhof until Sunday noon 18th September.

The leitmotif running through the very diverse contributions by artists, poets, musicians et al will be the notion of inebriation and intoxication. In a very atavistic and ritualist sense, nightlife often serves as the release of a pressure valve, to undo, or destroy (both in a physical but also in a metaphysical sense) the very things – energy, capital, labor – we produce and create during the day. The notion of intoxication helps achieve this ecstatic release: literally and metaphorically. Intoxication implies a release from the strict customs of our daily rituals, an excess of stimulation, an increase in sensitivity, a loosening of tongues.
Free admission
Address: Schloßplatz 1, 10178 Berlin.


16 September 2022

16:00 – Official Opening
17:00 – ECOEIN
17:30 – Rianto & Cahwati
20:00 – Valentina Goncharova
21:15 – Miqayel Voskanyan
22:00 – End

17 September  2022

17:00 – Ivana Ivkovic
19:00 – Selin Davasse
20:20  – Super Alisa
21:35 – Mohammad Reza Mortazavi
22:40 – Lubomir Grzelak & Jacqueline Sobiszewski
23:15 – Kokonja

18 September 2022

13:15 – Alien Body   
15:15 – Kancheli
18:00 – Stan de Natris
20:20 – Ilyich   
21:40 – Miqayel Voskanyan
23:00 – Farhot
24:00 – End