Selin Davasse, “Unlace my Syntax”, performance

15 April 2023, 19:00


In “Unlace my Syntax” Selin Davasse slips into the role of the Tamada, a rhetorically adept and alcoholically well-versed master of ceremonies ociating at Georgian banqueting tables. She transplants the sociopolitical space of the banquet to Pickle Bar, conjuring an interaction ritual revolving around the speech genre of toasting and the communal musicking modes in Georgian polyphonic singing. Mimicking but also menacing public speech customs rooted in masculine self-mastery, she salutes all unbounded, porous and shapeshi!ing bodies by welcoming contamination. Interpreting the banquet as an academy where unocial narratives are celebrated and the Tamada as a wandering agent of mythopoetic transmission, she raises her glass to knowledge that is sung, not archived.

Concept, Text, Performance: Selin Davasse
Custom Suit: Situationist
Hair Design: Henriette Theurgarten
Musical Arrangements: Dorothee Barall
Leaflet Design: Ozan Şanal (Studio Abo)
Leaflet Photography: Joseph Kadow
Custom Nails: Camilla Inge Volbert
Jewelry: Räthel&Wolf
Make-up: Agatha Couture
Free admission
Language: English

Address: Radicants, 18 rue Commine, 75003 Paris

Selin Davasse (b. 1992, Turkey) lives and works in Berlin. Her research-based performance practice repurposes disparate literary and performative techniques to engage with ethics and politics from alternative presents and speculative futures. Composed of narrative and sonic textures, her work condenses systems of thought into intimate feminine expressions; and takes shape as spoken-and-sung performances with participatory, playful, and parodic layers forming heterogeneous hospitable relations with the audience.