SEXTO collective, performance 

8 September 2022, 20:30


The performance dissects three different fermented foods that represent an alternative logic of thinking about processed food. The first, pickled chiles, have become industrially produced very easily which has increased its access and ubiquity without stopping people from pickling their own product at home. The second, pulque, is a story of resistance to large scale production. While close to extinction, those of us who still consume it long for the days when good pulque was easily available in the city. The third example is Atole agrio, a fermented corn masa based drink that is produced only in a few communities that have carried on this tradition. All three examples seek to propose a brief panorama of the different forms in which fermentation is part of a complex food system that touches everyday life in Mexico. Sharing their research along with edible samples, the performance seek to create an interactive discussion around industrialization, extinction and resistance.
Sexto Collective are researchers proposing an ontology to understand the edible diversity of the Mexican territories while approaching the research in a variety of ways. They mix biology with art history, tools from anthropology with communication theory taking food as communication as a starting point. Beside publishing essay and organising public discussions, their practice is based on cooking as a form of expression. part of their practice besides publishing essays and organizing public discussions is using cooking as a form of expression.