Uta Bekaia, “Roots”, performance  

26 May 2023, 19:30


The performance delves into the representation of traditional attire through the lens of queer expression. The artist transforms into a living representation of Chokha - a traditional Georgian male garment - by incorporating movements inspired by ancient rituals from the Caucasus region. Weaving poetry and traditional Georgian singing, the performance aims to liberate queer identity from the harmful masculinity typically associated with Chokha and to integrate queer histories into traditional cultural narratives. "Roots" explores how our deep-seated connection to our origins, customs, and heritage can often hold us back and become burdensome like the stubborn roots of a tree, even in the places we hold most dear.
Free admission
Duration: 30 minutes

Doors open at 19:00. Performance starts at 19:30

Uta Bekaia’s practice is a speculative reimagination of his ancestral rituals restaged for Queer utopian future. With a fascination for traditional crafts, Uta Bekaia creates richly adorned wearable sculptures, ceramics, tapestries, and objects, bringing them together as immersive installations, films, and live performances.

Co-Performer: Davit Koridze