Yehia Moldan, “Sini Calligraphy”, performance

16 September 2021, 18:00


The third iteration of the KNOT KNOW event series introduces the tradition of Islamic Calligraphy in China, Sini Calligraphy, which is distinguished by rounded, flowing script, and tapered effects. Approaching the technique of writing with an epistemological lens, along with more esoteric fields the last event sketches some parallel with cosmology, digital writings such as coding, or typewriting, that transfigure the interconnected world and rapid acceleration of our times impacting our approach of writing.

On Thursday 16th September, Pickle Bar will open to participants for a performative activation of calligraphy. Flash tattoos designed by logo maker and tattoo designer Yehia Moldan will be available as tattoos by Pol Llovera. A mural painting realised by Moldan and applied by Mattias Axelsson based on the analogies of the Arabic and Chinese scripts will be on view.
Free admission
Language: English

Doors open at 17:30. Performance starts at 18:00.

Yehia Moldan is a graphic designer and Arabic typographer from Palestine. His minimalist style incorporates aspects of the Imazighen alphabet, traditional Bedouin tattoo designs, latin alphabet, and inspirations from Viking symbolism.