Yuliya Sorokina, “Astral Nomads, Artist’s Brotherhood: Mythopoetic Language of Central Asian Art Community”, book presentaion

9 December 2022, 19:00


Yuliya Sorokina presents her project Astral Nomad - a digital and interactive book about the Art of-Soviet Asia in the broader context of complex philosophic, political and social determinates.

Almaty artist Sergey Maslov made a project with the title “Artist’s Brotherhood”. He brought to his fellow artists and curators the joy of doing and reflecting art together. He wrote: “Those artists for whom the problem of competition is not particularly important in the fulfillment of destiny have always dreamed of a brotherhood in which you can be supported and understood in difficult times, where you can tell your ideas and be adequately understood”. The Brotherhood of Artists is a dream of a karmic connection through the blood of art. Artists of contemporary art in Central Asia are not linked by institutions or official structures. Not at all, they are connected by invisible blood arteries, the flesh of what they do. This community resembles a large family or a tribe or a crew of a space station, as in the unfinished novel " Astral Nomads" by Sergey Maslov again. (...)

Sorokina’s project aim to become an  interactive book about the Art of post-Soviet Asia (1985 – 2020) – its main actors, events, in historical, anthropological, and philosophical contexts. Through internet ressources,  collect of data such as photos, videos, archives documents, publications and metadata, Sorokina investigate the question that animates Central Asian Modern and post-modern art to contextualised it in a broader and deeper context.

Yuliya Sorokina’s residency at Slavs and Tatars is support by Weltoffennes Berlin (WOB).

image: Sergey Maslov, Baykonur-2, 1990s, collage
Free admission
Language: English

Doors open at 18:30. Event starts at 19:00.

Yuliya Sorokina (born 1965) is a PhD, free-lance curator, researcher, lecturer, based in Almaty, Kazakhstan. Her main interest in research is the archiving, study and distribution of the heritage of Central Asian contemporary art.