AZBUKA STRIKES BACK: Madina Zholdybekova, “Rethinking Dolls (and Agniya Barto)”, 14 May 2022, 4 PM

Rethinking Dolls (and Agniya Barto) is a workshop that opens new interpretations on the work of the poet and children’s writer Agniya Lvovna Barto (1906–1981). Dolls sing our favorite songs, tell our favorite recipes, and speak the words we need to hear the most. Inviting participants to create the inclusive cardboard dolls we would have loved during our childhood, Madina Zholdybekova offers a feminist perspective on Soviet children’s poetry.

Madina Zholdybekova, aka madikendraws, is a multidisciplinary artist born and raised in Kazakhstan and currently based in London. Her practice addresses questions of gender inequality, multi-faceted motherhood, migration, authoritarian regimes, among others.