A Slavic take on the apéritivo bar, Pickle Bar is a site for the exploration of loose tongues, the limits of language both as affect and discourse. Located steps away from Slavs and Tatars studio in Moabit, Pickle Bar offers different fermented items and spirits, a doubly bubbly answer to the bourgeois staples of wines and cheeses.

Unlike the traditional studio nestled away in an industrial site, away from the public, the Gewerbe architecture and location of both Slavs and Tatars’ studio and Pickle Bar feature a thoroughly street-facing space with large windows allowing visibility to passersby, neighbors, and colleagues. Moabit’s condensed diversity – with micro-communities of Lebanese Shi’a, west African, Turkish, and Eastern European (largely Ukrainian, Polish, and Russian) populations – is unique in Berlin and the public program of Pickle Bar, like our artistic activity, engage with and reflect this heterogeneity.

For its iterations outside Berlin, Pickle Bar follows the sensation-zone of a pickle in a mouth and bring together other artists, thinkers, writers, investigating and animating the area between langue & tongue and the roof of the mouth which cut across the spoken word, poetry, voice;  the politics, materiality, and volatility of languages & tongues; as well as actions of tasting, swallowing, and vocalizing. Pickle Bar pop-ups stage each time the performative works of local and international up-and-coming artists. Needless to say, there is always a selection of fermented drinks and bites.