KNOT KNOW: Introduction


For Pickle Bar’s Summer Program, KNOT KNOW explores craft’s potential for building solidarity and queering beliefs across Central Asia and China. Each month, a specific work will be presented at Pickle Bar – a paper cut-out, an ikat, or Muslim Chinese calligraphy – as a gnostic thumbnail, a point of departure for lectures, screenings, podcasts – online as well as in real brine. Crafts offer a tonic to the many jinns of contemporary society: be they cults of personality, secular rage, or ecstatic acceleration. Crafts tend to invest in continuity as a means of re-thinking notions of progress. Innovation is decoupled from individualism, so as to avoid the incessant ruptures, the breaks with the past, the patricides, matricides, and transicides of our modern era.

Participants: Hongwei Bao, Nazzy Beglari, Elmira Gyul, Alina Kokoschka, Yehia Moldan, Mi You, Xiyadie, Zhu Xiaowen

Curated by Slavs and Tatars/ Anastasia Marukhina, Asya Yahgmurian, Patricia Couvet
Dates: 25th June 5pm, 15th July 6pm, 31st July 5pm, 16th September 6pm, 8th October 6pm, 2021

The program is supported by Bezirkskulturfonds by the department of Art and Culture of the Bezirksamts Mitte von Berlin.

Part of a collaboration between Pickle Bar and CCA Tashkent in the framework of the exhibition "Dixit Algorizmi", Alina Kokoschka's and Mi You's lecture took place in live broadcast in Berlin and Tashkent on 8th October and 13th October.