SLURS: Melis Tezkan, “8937th song”, November 21, 7:00 PM. 

Since 2020, Melis Tezkan has been interested in playlists as alternative narrative spaces and the potentiality of their performative activation. In her new performance, the playlist becomes an imaginary and sensitive space that materializes questions of translation, interpretation and omission. Polysemy, nonsense and silence together recompose the memories and challenges of language transcription and transliteration.

Melis Tezkan (b.1982, Istanbul) is an artist and performance-maker based in Paris. She currently teaches at the Grenoble-Valence Fine Arts University. She is co-funder of biriken (with Okan Urun).

Melis Tezkan benefited from a studio at the CND Paris (Centre National de la Danse) for this project.