Fall/Winter Program 2022


Dedicated to exploring the notion of queer linguistics, the Lavender Languages Institute comes to Berlin in a pop up version at Pickle Bar. From cants and slang created and used by LGBTQI+ communities and other forms of (anti-)language, the Lavender Languages Institute looks at secret signs and community building, in order to avoid detection or danger. Founded by Dr. William Leap, based at Florida Atlantic University, the Lavender Language Institute invites activists, scholars, and poets this fall to Pickle Bar to focus on queer languages in Eastern Europe and Central Asia. 

The program is supported by Bezirkskulturfonds by the department of Art and Culture of the Bezirksamts Mitte von Berlin.

4 November, 19:00
Dr. William L. Leap, “What lies beyond the lavender lexicon?”, lecture

10 November, 19:00   
Saltanat Shoshanova, “Queer Art Language and Feminist Movements in Central Asia”, lecture

18 November, 19:00 
Paola Revenioti, “Kaliarda”, screening and follow-up discusssion

24 November, 19:00 
Tyler E. Kibbey, “Apotheosis//Anathema. The Language of Queer Divinity”, lecture

25 November, 19:00 
Marsel Ganeyev, “Queer language of Kazakh steppes and Tatar forests”, lecture

2 December, 19:00 
Hafiz Boboyorov, “Living dangerously: How LGBTQI+ people secure their everyday life in the urban space of Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan”, lecture 

8 December, 19:00 
WordMord, “Gλωσσique Encounters”, performance

20 January, 19:00 

25 January, 19:00
Yevgeniy Fiks, Poetry of Queer International, lecture performance