Mekhitar Garabedian, Garine Gokceyan, “Auditive Voyeurism”, workshop

8 November 2024, 19:00


“Auditive voyersim” proposes we turn our attention to the emotional impact of languages’ acoustic and visual manifestations in our everyday lives and shared experiences. Languages do not only communicate information. They also carry cultural and historical weight, conveying a particular social unconscious, different cultural attachments, and emotional connotations. The workshop will create a framework for addressing our personal experiences with different languages and attempt to collectively explore the limits of lingual stereotypes, our understanding of language's power dynamics as well as the unconscious sources of our emotional responses to it.
Free admission
Language: English
Duration: 1 hour 

Garine Gokceyan, is a Brussels-based independent graphic designer and researcher born in Beirut. Her multidisciplinary projects revolve around identities, languages, archives and collective ressource creation that embraces multicultural and multiscriptual approaches. She is currently a PhD student in Sint Lucas Antwerp working on a research project entitled “Exploring the Diasporic Life of Armenian Script: a multiscript design laboratory”.

Deploying a variety of media such as drawing, video, photography and installation, many of Mekhitar Garabedian’ s works draw from his experience as an immigrant and play on the humour and poetic qualities he finds between languages, cultures and histories. Just as his personal diasporic history is layered, his work echoes with a multiplicity of references to literature, music, philosophy and visual arts.