SLURS: A PROGRAM ABOUT VERBAL VIOLENCE AND LANGUAGE PROTEST, Relais Culture Europe (Paris) and Pickle Bar (Berlin)

We are living in an age where language has become acutely politicized and instrumentalized : an agent of aggression as much of solidarity. While much attention has been devoted to the latter, it is equally important to understand the dynamics of linguistic violence, its rhetorical and philological sources as much as its affective impact. The project aims to study the history of language violence with a peculiar focus on specific geographies and community struggles. We aim to excavate the sullied side of language and better assess structures of violence and the necessary tools to build a robust linguistic and performative resistance when it comes to attacks on race, genders or sexuality in local contexts amidst globalized languages.

Curators (Slavs and Tatars): Patricia Couvet, Anastasia Marukhina with the curatorial participation of Deniz Kirkali. 

In the framework of fonds PERSPEKTIVE for contemporary art & architecture, an initiative by Bureau des arts plastiques de l’Institut français d’Allemagne. Supported by the Ministry of Culture, Institut Français of Paris and Goethe Institut. In partnership with Relais Culture Europe.

14 November: Research program at Relais Culture Europe, Paris, 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM 

With Patricia Couvet and Anastasia Marukhina (Pickle Bar), Deniz Kirkali, Rhoda Tchokokam and Celia Potiron (Collectif Piment), Alessandro Gallicchio, Garine Gokceyan, Jocelyne Dakhlia.

Participants can apply here to take part in the research group.

14 November: event curated by Natálie Kubíková at Relais Culture Europe, Paris, 6:00 PM - 9:00 PM.

21 November: performance by Melis Tezkan at Pickle Bar