Annual program 2024


Throughout history, language has been systematically used as a weapon to assert control and delegitimize belonging: without enough regard to its empowering and liberating potential. By exploring language affects specific to artists, poets, writers and activists, Sturm and Slang intends to illuminate the various processes of adaptation, evolution, and hybridization–from slang to queer linguistics–amidst great geopolitical changes and cultural upheavals. The spring-fall 2024 program at Pickle Bar takes a closer look at the transformation and disruption of languages as a means of forging new ways of being and identity in Eastern Europe, the Caucasus, the Middle East, the Baltics and Central Asia and their significant diaspora communities. A series of performances, lectures, round tables and workshop investigates the spaces for inclusivity and linguistic affinities from acoustic, visual and semantic perspectives to celebrate and redeem the necessarily fluid nature of language as an agency of self-determination and empowerment.
Mina Masoumi, “On Manners of Dance and Ecstasy”, on display

“Traduttore, Traditore”, special edition t-shirt by Garine Gokceyan, in collaboration with Bastardie at KADIST


23 March, 19:30
Opening of the program, Nino Dava, “ეთი - Leti”, performance

12 April, 19:30  
Diliara Brileva, “Alternative Women's Discourse in Tatar Satirical Magazines in Late Imperial Russia”, lecture

26 April, 19:30
Urok Shirhan, “Arabic Letter Seen س Arabic Letter Wow و”, lecture-performance 
7 May, 19:30
Yevheniia Moliar, Zhennia Stepko, Vova Vorotniov, “Surzhrealism”, panel discussion

31 May, 19:30 and 21:00
Hussein Nassereddine, “Laughing on the River, Your Eyes Drown in Tears”, performance

13 June, 19:30
Daniel Kotowski, “delighting”, performance

27 June, 19:30
Natalia Papaeva, Timur Zolotoev, Tudebei Khandama and Agnieszka Matkowska, “Khele, beshe! / Хэлэ , ᠪᠢᠴᠢ!“, panel discussion
12 July, 19:30
Fatma Cheffi, “Steal, Steel, Still Fatma”, performance and discussion

13 September, 19:30 and 20:30
Agnė Jokšė, “Lezbynai”, performance

27 September, 19:30
Mila Panić, “Jokes”, stand-up comedy and discussion

11 October
Qalqalah قلقلة, workshop 

8 November
Mekhitar Garabedian and Garine Gokceyan,“Auditive Voyeurism” workshop